Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do I have to?

Words are very powerful and it's interesting how different words have a different vibe for people. When I first learned of the power of our words by people such as Louise Hay it really made a difference for me. Most significantly in regard to the use of the phrase "have to" and the word "should". Just by shifting those few words I could go from feeling disempowered to feeling empowered and at choice. I came to realize that there really are no "have to's" or "should's" in life and it's all about choices. Try making the shift yourself and see. Next time you catch yourself using those words just stop and and change it. For instance, instead of saying "I have to (or should) go to work" just say, "I choose to (or could) go to work." Don't you feel an energetic difference? I sure do.

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