Monday, November 10, 2008

What is your reason?

What is your reason why? Do you have a big enough why?

I believe everything in this universe exists for a reason. The bible speaks of God creating an orderly universe. God, being an orderly God, didn't create anything for nothing or no reason or purpose. So even though I may not know why spiders and bugs exist, for instance, I know they have their purpose. Many things are beyond our understanding. And frankly, I don't spend too much time sittting around wondering why.

But my reason (lol) for this post was to suggest contempalting about your reason for doing something. Maybe more specifically your job, or a goal. Why do you do your job? Or why do you want to reach a certain goal? If you say you do your job just for money, is that really enough? Is that a big enough why? And many times we don't reach certain goals because we don't have a big enough why. Big enough to be a strong enough motivator. And are you motivated by the positive or by the negative?

Anyway, just my thoughts for the day....

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